Writing website content

The online world is increasingly fundamental to the success of many businesses, having a strong online presence ensures that you are able to appeal to a wider global audience. This will often take the form of having a company website that is engaging, with regularly updated content. Moreover, unique and original content is also important in attracting  new customers and developing your brand online. This will not only attract potential customers but it will also aid your brand development, and increase its online credibility and consequently result in higher rankings for your site.

Therefore it is important to break down the process of preparing content for your website step by step and to identify different types of content and their purpose.

Website content pages

This refers to content that is needed to highlight you who are, what you do and what you provide, as well as additional related material such as how to contact you, your terms and conditions and so on. As minimum to appear professional all websites should have the following pages and content addressing each area:

  • Homepage – this will detail in brief your company, what you provide and your key goods and or services.
  • About us page – this page will aim to expand on your company and provide detailed information as to your mission statement, your ethos, values, as well as who you are.
  • Services or products page – this page will aim to expand on your products and or services and provide information relating to each of those products or services, including prices, delivery and how to place the order.
  • Testimonials or FAQ page – these pages although not essential are nonetheless important in reassuring customers and providing answers to common questions that your customers will typically have. Ultimately these will also assist in increasing your sale conversion rates as customers gain confidence in your brand.
  • Contact us page – this is an important page as it will reassure customers that they can get hold of you should they have any issues with their orders, and it will also enable customers to contact you with any queries in the event that they are unable to find the answers via your FAQ page.