The importance of blog writing

Blog writing has become extremely important for small businesses over recent years. As it provides small businesses with access to free marketing. By publishing useful, insightful articles or updates relevant to your industry you are able to disseminate these releases throughout the internet. This in turn provides useful information to potential customers, builds brand awareness, generates traffic and potentially improves search engine rankings for your website.

Create a plan

Before you begin the writing process it is helpful to first create a list of titles of different topics and ideas that you could write about in a calendar for the next month or two. This would give you a clear direction of where the content would be going in advance. Also having a clear plan as to what you are going to write about will make the process quicker and will also enable you to think about the topics before you begin writing.

Think about valuable resources to link to

Just as important as the writing is providing useful resources, if you are writing about a topic and need to refer to a third party site you should link to that site so that the user has the benefit of undertaking further research if needed. It will also add authority to your blog by making it seem credible and impartial.

Writing your blog articles

Two of the most important considerations when you begin writing will be to decide on your tone and style. This is important as the tone and style of your writing will set the background and context for your writing, it can be informal, technical or even conversational. Ultimately this will depend on what you would like the feel of your website and brand to be. Consistency in tone will help to provide consistency throughout your written content and make the reader feel familiar with your brand.

Setting aside time to write

A few days before you are going to start writing ensure that you have set aside time for when you will have no distractions and will be solely focussed on writing. You should aim to do a quick first draft, breaking down your content into subheadings and then once written down you should come back to refine the writing if necessary. Finally proofread your writing to ensure that you have no errors and then it is ready to publish and go live!

Our website content creation service

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