Price Per Word £0.018

Heavy Editing Service – 12 Hour Turnaround (£18 per 1,000 Words)

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At Copyfy we offer three types of editing services; basic proofreading, proofreading & editing, as well as heavy editing.
As part of our heavy editing service we will check:

• Consistency of tone
• Vocabulary
• Consistency of verb tenses
• Sentence and paragraph structure
• Grammar and punctuation
• Presentation and layout
• Consistency of referencing and bibliography

For many of our customers English is not their first language and as a result the level of time and editing required can be greater. For this reason we offer a heavy editing service to provide a more comprehensive service to those who feel that they may require it.

As part of our 12 hour turnaround option, if your document is under 10,000 words, we guarantee to return the proofread copy to you within 12 hours from the time you place your order with us.

*Please note this option is not available for documents with a word count over 10,000 words. For documents over 10,000 words, please select our ‘standard turnaround’ option and we will confirm an exact turnaround time with you, either prior to placing your order or after. As a guide, for documents up to 50,000 words the turnaround time is typically 5 days.